Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bowling, Swimming, and Tons of Fun!!

10 of our 11 boys at the Strikes entrance. We had some cards that entitles our boys to a free game and free shoe rentals. Had to take advantage of that! We Moms bowled a game, too. It's been a while since I've bowled. It was sure fun.
"Bowling Babes" : Me, Lisa & Raimi. We just loved our matching stylin' shoes!
B getting ready for his turn
T with his buddy Garrett
N with his friend, Blake
The boys!

Next, we headed over to Lisa's pool to swim the afternoon away. We BBQ'd and enjoyed watermelon, grapes, chips & dip, and cookies. The time flew by! We had a blast!

Raimi's husband, John, met us @ the pool. He would toss the boys way high up into the air! Some of the boys got really high. They LOVED it. John was such a good sport. The boys kept lining up for another turn. John's only way out of it was to dive back into the pool! The pool was SO refreshing.


Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Great day! I love the bowling shoes. Man, that's a lot of boys together. Are you all OK?

Raimi said...

Don't let S fool you! She beat Lisa & I during our little bowling match AND we noticed that she has great form when bowling.We had a ton of fun! We'll have to go again next week.