Monday, July 7, 2008

Wall-e for FHE

After swim team practice, we met G over at the theater to see Wall-e. First and foremost, we were so glad to be in a cool building! It was very hot today. Anyway, Wall-e was a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it. Pixar is an amazing company and it seems like whatever they make turns to gold. Even the 'short' was hilarious and well done. This will definitely be a movie in our DVD collection. Loved it! When we asked J what his favorite part of the movie was, he said he couldn't think of one because he loved the whole movie!


Sylvia said...

A has been dying to see Wall-E. I have heard conflicting reviews from some friends, so I wasn't rushing out to see it. I have always loved Pixar movies. It's nice to hear they are staying ture to their reputation.

Raimi said...

I am glad to hear that your family liked this show. I have heard mixed reviews. I will have to take the boys.

Laundry said...

I WANT TO SEE THAT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!