Monday, July 28, 2008

Grants Pass, Oregon

We stopped @ the Medford Temple. It's right behind a stake center and was hard to spot at first because of all of the trees. We walked around the tiny grounds. N was especially happy to be there. He grabbed the camera and snapped a bunch of pictures. He was anxious to add them to his iPod photos when we got home.

Dad & T taking advantage of the shade for a little break.
The boys were quick to get back into the pool at our hotel! They went in and out of the hot tub and pool.
Let me just say that it was just gorgeous up in southern Oregon. We stayed in a city called Grant's Pass, right near the Rogue River. We loved the rolling hills and all of the trees. One of the cool things about this hotel room here is that it had 3 Queen beds! It was awesome. No kids on the floor. For a few nights on our trip, we watched the Discovery Channel together. We got into the show "The Deadlist Catch" -- it's all about fishermen in the Bering Straight fishing for Alaskan King Crab. Amazing. We were glued!


Raimi said...

Enjoyed seeing all of your vacation photos. This trip looked like a fabulous time for the whole family. Good luck with the laundry. My least favortie part about ANY vacation.

Laundry said...

sheesh! i'm jealous of all the fun! oh... when I get out there can you help me put a map on my blog? my computers just wont let me do it for some reason.

Danny & Stephanie said...

What a fun vacation! You guys are always doing something fun. I am going to have you plan our next family vacation! As far as laundry, that is my least favorite thing to do. Good luck.

JanEtta said...

It has been at least 20 years since I went thru Grants Pass. Vince would love to go - anywhere. Syl, You and now Na all going on an actual vacation - all within a few weeks. It has made us very trunky ourselves, but have no $ and Vince can't get the time, so I guess we'll have to live vicariously thru your blogs. It's great to see the world thru other people's eyes.